barebaching asked:

See? Now that you've exceeded the maximum amount of posts you can make on one of FCKH8's posts, you're so desperate for reasons to hate them that you're asking other people to submit stuff. They weren't the greatest LGBT+ organization but what I see now is them trying to make up for their ignorance and mistakes, and that's what you want people to do, right? Get educated and learn from their mistakes?

this blog has excepted submissions since it began. most of the posts are submissions. try again loser.

barebaching asked:

You've made about 30 posts just about those 3 posts that FCKH8 made in order to make up for their rudeness about asexuality and pansexuality. Although I do think they're a bad representation of a good cause, I think you're pushing everything that they say wayyy out of proportion. The motto, gay straight against hate, is fine. Gay is very much an over-arching term. Plus, the general rule for mottos is to be short, and Asexual Pansexual Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Questioning & Straight Against -

oh yeah you sure look like someone whose opinion we’d care about

thesamedreadfultypewriter asked:

I am Blake Hahn. You have linked me in several posts, among other people who had been demonized publicly by FCKH8, leading to the rally against it and support for LGBT peoples. What bothers me now about this blog is that you respond to hate so maliciously. You have called people names, told them they didn't matter, and told them to kill themselves- like FCKH8. If you continue to behave this way I will ask that you remove all posts relating to me, and I will no longer support you. Please stop.

 stating we’ve “told people to kill themselves” while actively ignoring that these instances were direct retort against original messages telling us to kill ourselves, is disingenuous

have you sent a message to pyramideyes to tell them their behaviour is unacceptable? or are you saving your tone/anger policing for us specially?

we had to turn anon messages off within 10 minutes of starting this blog because of abusive messages (which doesn’t stop being people able to send abuse anonymously through the submit feature which we can’t turn off without rendering this blog non-functional). we delete 99% of abuse/useless messages.but you can’t expect us to not have limits for what we can deal with, and surprise surprise, being told to kill ourselves is something that upsets us. we do not care if you think its “fighting hate with hate”, “unnecessary”, “mean”, or “uncalled for”. we give no quarter to people sending us messages telling us to kill ourselves. if you don’t want to see it, unfollow.

none of us (there are 3 mods) care about niceness and being polite, especially when we are providing information you can easily access no matter how rude/confrontation/dismissive/mean we are. this blog does not run on niceness, it runs on links, proof, resources and links

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if you really want to withdraw your support because we’re not nice enough to/for you, please submit a post linking to all the content featuring you and we’ll edit you out/delete as appropriate (we do not have the time to manually search for all posts containing your contributions)