Hey friends!  So remember FCKH8, the PETA of the LGBTQIA+ movement?  Well they stole my work for their facebook and didn’t bother to put in the ten seconds of effort it takes to find the source, and then told me to my face they didn’t think it worth it to credit me for my own art.  But are we even surprised at this point?

If you have a moment why don’t you go let them know what you feel about art theft?  And remember NOT to support this group.  They’re most recently selling Ferguson shirts and it’s tempting to buy those but FCKH8 will make money from it so instead donate directly to the town.

UPDATE: They’ve since removed my art but don’t let them get away with anything else.  I’ve read that this is a common problem with their company so I can’t assume they’ve learned any lessons by me.

Stolen posts/Art

I’ve seen literally all the comics they post before, they’re all stolen from various sources. This is gonna be long because there’s a lot. is the earliest source I can find for this and their site comes up multiple times when you reverse image search it:

This post is stolen from Tumblr user @gonnalivethedream. The images all have her watermark in the corner and is another unsourced, image set.

The “Raised Manholes” post, as well as being gross is a direct lift from Reddit, but I can’t find the Original poster’s username at this time. 

There’s a few really gross posts that are lifted from /r/creepypms, including a screenshots of  conversations where bisexual women are being harrassed.

An artist called Saint Hoax has had multiple images of  theirs taken and left uncredited. The campaign was targetting domestic abuse and was called Happily Never After, but their site is currently down for maintenance. (

And that’s with 5 minutes of reverse image searching. 



i get what the stopfckh8 blog is doing and i support that they’re showing how bad a company they are but they keep saying that its racist that they’re trying to profit off of mike browns death. well yeah, its shitty and horrible and vile, but there’s no evidence that they’re doing it because he’s black, which is what racism is. if it happened to a white kid (and it probably wouldn’t cause yknow) and they tried to profit off of it, then they’d just be super terrible like they already are. they’re trying to profit off the uproar of it and off the death itself, not cause he’s black. if someone has a good argument or explanation as to why its racist, i’d like to hear it, but as of now i don’t think its about race, just about a disgusting company.

race is not something we can turn off. when a company makes profit off the murder of a black boy it will always be racist, even if “they’d do it to a white boy too”. don’t compare the real death of a black person to the hypothetical death of a white person.

they are selling t-shirts about RACISM using the death of BLACK teenager and you’re trying to say it’s not RACIST? “no evidence” lol… except what is self evident.

no evidence will ever be enough for white people who are desperate to see things as some kind of fucked up “evil but in a non-discriminatory, equal-opportunity way”. fair evil. progressive evil.

99% of the time when a white person says “i dont think it was about race” it most absolutely 100% and probably very obviously to someone not willfully ignorant, was about race.

Anonymous asked:

Their products make me so angry. I used to work for the place that was partly ' design firm' ,fckh8 product house who screened all the fckh8 products and bought all the merch with other remains of the office ran what could loosely be called 'customer service' for fckh8. They had 4 different customer service people in the span of a year, two of which left the country short after, I think that tells you something. Anyway- (part 1)

it makes me angry because they get most of their product from china (wrist bands, later on some stuff like pins and glasses.) So something that costs cents to make they’re up charging to $4-$15. Not to mention their first round of trying to say they donated to charity (with the original fckh8 stuff) the owner Luke didn’t donate shit until he had to PROVE that he actually had. I doubt anything will happen with their racism material unless provoked;or if they do it won’t be a sliver of what they made off the product.

Although we’d advise people following the blog to not take anonymous contributions as infallible (no offense to the submitted intended), It’s no leap to assume their manufacturing costs are minimal (outsourced to cheap labour hubs) and their profit margins are very high, and that should really be considered.

FCKH8 have always been very vocal about the fact they’re donating, but haven’t really gone out of their way to publish info on following through with donating. They’ve managed it this time only after so much focus on their business practices.

Anonymous asked:

Okay you seem like a cool blog and all (fuck fckh8 and all that) but showing people "Geek Feminist" wikis to back up your behavior? Or showing them to a biased Wiki at all? That is a quick way to lose credibility fast.

if you’re going to dismiss the INFORMATIVE, CLEAR, ACCESSIBLE and CORRECT information because it’s on a feminist website we don’t really care if you doubt our credibility. if you don’t like it you could read up on the “tone argument”/”tone policing” and find another source that says pretty much the same thing, and/or expands on why “you’ll never get people to agree with you if you’re too emotional/angry/mean/upset/passionate” is 101 derailment

(and there’s no such thing as an unbiased wiki)